About 3rd Law

3rd Law Dance/Theater is an award-winning modern/contemporary dance company that demonstrates a passionate belief in the power of live, in-the-moment performance to create original dance/theater work.

3rd Law Dance/Theater has been creating and producing new, completely original, highly innovative dance/theater productions for fifteen years—since January 1, 2001—the first day of the new millennium.

Artistic Co-Directors, Katie Elliott and Jim LaVita, with and through the Company, have created and presented a panorama of evening-length, provocatively themed works and site-specific installations. We profess a creative vision that merges a powerful, energetic bodily idiom with a thoughtful and personal spirit. We desire to create a magical space for widely diverse audiences, a space that will transport them outside of the here and now.

We believe that dance, especially, is created before your very eyes. Our productions are meant to be seen in real time, different at every performance, and responding to an interaction between performers and audience. Our work is personal and affective, demanding engagement from both performers and audience. We believe that live, in-the-moment dance/theater performance is a visceral and bodily experience, transcendent, and moves the audience in ways that cannot be accomplished by other means.

Our work is unique: the company pushes the boundaries among media, visual art, digital construction, theater and music. Site-specific installations, such as Mammals That Lay Eggs, foreground the purpose of bridging the gaps among art forms, especially theater, literature and the visual arts, to bring contemporary dance to new audiences.

Most importantly, we are a company about the creative process and are devoted to bringing together the best artists in that creative process. The artistic co-directors have invested their resources and those of our board and donors to create and carefully nurture a tightly knit core group of intermedial artists who are part of that total ensemble.

3rd Law has created more than twenty original works for the stage and many one-of-a-kind, site-specific works with numerous artistic collaborators. Works such as Wanderer, Till We Wake, Mammals That Lay Eggs, Authentic Re-Production, The CleanRoom, Blind Contour, Lost in Place and Bread & Salt have addressed issues as diverse as returning veterans, tradition and its place in the modern world, migration, and the effect of digital technology on us and our children. 3rd Law is a resident organization at The Dairy Center of the Arts in Boulder, Colorado.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion is the philosophical and physical backbone to the collaborative environment that 3rd Law creates. New ideas are generated through the push and pull in movement, emotion, and idea to create dynamic working relationships.

3rd Law has collaborated with a variety of individual artists and organizations, including: Digital media artist/musician Darwin Grosse, Musicians, Paul Fowler, Zachary Carrettin, Marcia Schirmer, Mina Gajic, Darwin Grosse with Gregory Taylor, Art Lande and the Boy-Girl Band, Choreographer Nancy Cranbourne, Actors Philip Sneed and Anne Sandoe, Visual Artist Sally Elliott, Denver Center for the Performing Arts-Off Center at the Jones, The Colorado Shakespeare Festival, The Hannah Kahn Dance Company, The Dairy Arts Center, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder Bach Festival, Denver Botanic Gardens, RedLine Gallery of Denver, Spark Gallery, Front Range Women in the Arts, and The Denver Art Museum.