Photo Gallery

Publicity photos (on CD) of 3rd Law’s events and performances are available in high resolution by contacting us or by clicking on the gold number next to the image (below), waiting for it to download, and then saving it to a file on your computer.

Other promotional materials are also available from 3rd Law. 3rd Law can provide:

  • 7’33” DVD of an image collage (very brief clips) of evening-length concerts from the past five years.
  • Excerpts (of varying lengths: 3’00”-20’00”) of uninterrupted pieces from several concerts.
  • Under limited circumstances, DVD of a complete concert.
  • 3’45” DVD of an image collage (very brief clips) of museum and gallery work.

Other photos of The CleanRoom and Objects by Catrine Turillon may be viewed and purchased at her site Luminosity.

Website photos by: Dave Andrews, Catrine Turillon and 3rd Law Dance/Theater.


Read MacMillan’s Denver Post review of “The CleanRoom Restaged” at the Lakewood Cultural Center in January and Atwood in World Dance Reviews

Read the reviews of “Till We Wake” from Westword, or from World Dance Online.

The press release for Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear” is available for download here. (Read the review)

Boulder Magazine did a feature on 3rd Law for their Fall ’07 Issue.

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