April 13-21 Teacups and Tiny Dictators: A Cabaret at the End of the World IN THE CARSEN THEATER AT THE DAIRY ARTS CENTER

April 13-21, 2024 In the Carson Theater @ The Dairy Arts Center

A new collaboration with The Catamounts and 3rd Law Dance/Theater melding music, theater, dance and film to meditate on the rise of dictatorships throughout our world. The companies approach this dark topic with an absurd sensibility using pop music mashups, theatrical dance, tea, and toast.

This all original piece was conceived by Amanda Berg Wilson, Katie Elliott and Paul Fowler in collaboration with filmmaker L. Ashwyn Collins, and writer Mickle Maher. Audiences will be seated cabaret-style and immersed in a look at the perennial battle between the density of darkness and the lightness of new life.