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Do You Know 3rd Law Dance/Theater? If Not, You Should.


5280 Magazine

About the Sea

…poetry, lyricism, metaphor…a multi-sensory experience that investigates the sea and our relation to it.

Presenting Denver

Grace and Style

…to employ art to plunge into the human experience with an unflinching critical eye and an appreciation for man’s natural fallibility is a fine little jig to jiggle. 3rd Law does so with grace and style.

Boulder Weekly

About Authentic Reproduction

…the multiple imagery and live dancers seem to fill the modest stage to Bolshoi proportions and cast to match!

World Dance Review

3rd Law’s Artistic Co-Directors

know that to bring something new to light from a merging of multiple viewpoints is to also leave something out — to let go of a fixed idea, of expectations or ego. The freshest, most exciting ideas are born from a shared vision…. The truest expression of collaboration.

Blind Contour

About Blind Contour “…the pièce de résistance: a choreographed finale …like the organized-but-unpredictable way water flows in a stream. Truly, it was beautiful… ”


profound insight

3rd Law celebrates our human condition with deep humor and profound insight.

3rd Law Audience Member