Wednesday Outdoor Class

Parkside Park-Lloyd & 26th Street, Boulder
capped at 8 | Noon-1:00pm
Every morning we will check the weather and then post if we are having class on the website calendar by 9:30am. We will be on a grassy lawn or a basketball court so bring whatever footwear feels appropriate for you. Ski boots, socks, cleats, tennis shoes, stilettos??? (Please note: There are no bathrooms at the location…so there’s that)
Tri Level Garage – 29th Street, Boulder
in the tri-level parking garage adjacent to the Century Theaters at Boulder’s 29th St. Mall – 1700 29th St.
Pay what you can through donation.
We are all dealing with different situations so if you can’t afford class now that is fine. I just want to keep us moving together.
Love us!