Lost In Place

As clashes of migration, ethnicity, culture and spirituality plague our world, this program is especially timely.  Lost in Place* (2007) explores the theme of the loss of “sense of place.”

Humans create a deep feeling of belonging, of cultural identity, and personal story by identifying and memorializing the places they arrive from, go back to (sometimes?) and draw memories from. Memories are the currency of those transactions.

The places of memory are sometimes not as simple as they seem. Gaps form. Questions complicate our beliefs and conventional wisdoms. Time ‘marches on’. Memories fall away—are left behind—and the sense of a place becomes weak and dim. Lives become more complicated and inextricably entwined. People fashion a sense of new places.

Produced and directed by Katie Elliott and Jim LaVita
Cast includes: Lauren Beale, Joshua Fink, Lara Hayes-Giles, Danielle Hendricks, Eliza Kuelthau, and Angie Simmons.
Lighting design by Craig Bushman.

*Lost in Place contains the section called “Shoes,” which can be set as a stand alone piece of five minutes duration.

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