Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

3rd Law Dance/Theater produced this experimental evening of guest choreographers, including nationally-acclaimed choreographer, Gabe Masson, to investigate new and different paths, collaborations and movement vocabularies as well as give room for company member choreographers to exhibit their works.

3rd Law also collaborated with Grammy-nominated musician, Art Lande, and his BoyGirl Band to provide an unusual live, improvisatory music and dance collaboration. The entire second half of Objects consisted of the improvisational music/movement collaboration

Produced and directed by Katie Elliott and Jim LaVita. Guest choreographers: Gabe Masson, and company members Lauren Beale and Angie Simmons. Featuring Grammy-nominated musician, Art Lande, and the Boy Girl Band in collaboration with 3rd Law and company.

Performers include: Lauren Beale, Andrea Deline, Katie Elliott, Josh Fink, Lara Hayes-Giles, Danielle Hendricks, Eliza Kuelthau, and Angie Simmons. Musicians of the Boy Girl Band include: Art Lande-percussion and piano, Emily Takahashi-piano, Clare Church-woodwinds, Ken Bernstein-guitar and bass and guest artist Amy Shelley-percussion. Lighting design by Craig Bushman.

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